Do you accommodate walk-ins?

How do I get a reservation?

What if I am running late?

Please note that we do not seat late parties and for this reason, invite you to join us half an hour before your seating time for a complimentary welcome cocktail at Woodley Proper (our lounge next door).

Why do you use pre-paid reservations instead of regular reservations?

Sushi Bar is a small space, and we want to create an intimate environment for our guests. Pre-paid reservations allow us to anticipate who is coming in and to give guests an all-encompassing experience at the best price possible.

What does my reservation include?

When you purchase a reservation to Sushi Bar, it covers your base meal, but it does not include supplemental food, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee or tea.

How do I transfer a booking?

To transfer a booking, log into your Tock account at profile.tocktix.com. Once logged in, select "Your Bookings" on the upper right. To transfer a booking, click the "Transfer" button next to the specific booking. Note, you can only transfer bookings to another guest who has a Tock account.

Booking system logout times:

Please be aware that you will have 7 minutes to complete the transaction once tickets are selected. If you exceed the allotted time you will be signed out and the tickets will be released back into our system for other guests to purchase.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.

Sushi l Bar

Encino, CA

Hidden behind his revered Cocktail Lounge Woodley Proper, Sushi|Bar is Chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s Omakase Speakeasy that serves up a whimsy of its namesake fare in 17 courses. Behind an unmarked door lies an intimate counter housing 8 prized seats where you will sit right up to the chef’s cutting boards. Relax and enjoy as the chefs prepare a playful reverie on new wave nigiri and other delicacies from both land and sea in a free form interpretive take on the traditional sushi counter...+ More

Now booking through October 31, 2017

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